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Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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Husband ordered not to drink for 2 years or go to jail.

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husband ordered not to drink for 2 years or go to jail. Drinker for 30+ years. Never would stop for me or anything. Faced with jail, hasn't had a drink for 1 week. Never called in sick for work and works 72 hours a week. Strong man, even mentally. Known him for 35 years, thought I could change him. Question is: Though he has had no with drawl symptoms of yet, are they coming, or is he out of the clear? So we only have to figure out how to occupy the time (which isn't much) when he used to drink. He does have headaches, which he had prior to stopping. He won't go to doctor for help so far, he thinks he can do this on his own. Is there some place on line that I can get help so I don't fall apart, I was recently diagnosed with MS and were waiting to see if my young adult daughter has it as well. I need someone to communicate with, without telling friends all my business.
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He should be out of the woods as far as alcohol withdrawal is concerned...that usually peaks at 3-5 days. He should have trouble sleeping for a time, and some crankiness, but that will also pass. Has he tried AA? That can occupy his time. has online AA and AlAnon Family Groups available for free, (other groups as well). You can sit in on virtual meetings and blogs there and share about what is going on with your life as you go through this new sobriety and the changes it brings to your family.

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