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Our 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed as bipolar II during

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Our 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed as bipolar II during a 5-day stay at an adolescent psychiatric hospital. She came home yesterday after being taken off Zoloft. She is at home now, unmedicated. She is fine as long as she gets exactly what she wants, but flies into rages and threatens suicide if she isn't allowed to do something (e.g., take a lighter into her bedroom). She has been escaping from her room at night, so we installed a security alarm on the hall door, but she keeps destroying it. We can't leave her alone to go to work. She needs intensive therapy, but we can't get appointments quickly enough. We want to put her in a safe environment for the next month or so, but can't find a long-term program where she can be monitored and we can visit for family therapy. Are there such programs in the Los Angeles area? We don't think we can keep her safe at home and need either a program where she can stay during the day to get intensive therapy, or a long-term hospitalization.
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What you want to look for is a long term residential treatment center for adolescents. There are programs around, like this one, and you can find more in your area if you google the words above. One month treatments are termed "short term", but it sounds like your daughter is more appropriate for a long term facility where she can get therapy from counselors as well as her peers.

List of centers

My best to you,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We've already looked into these sorts of programs. However, as described in this website:
many of them are unsafe. I realize that at least some of what is claimed on this website about these sorts of programs is not true or exaggerated. However, many of the programs that have wonderful websites turn out to have lawsuits against them brought by parents. Provo Canyon was recommended to us, but it has a large number of complaints and lawsuits against it. Instead of a program that is in another area, we are looking for a local program (we live near Pasadena, CA) where we could visit our daughter for family therapy sessions. It could be a live-in program (i.e., a 4-6 week hospitalization) or a 5-day/week full-day program.
Las Encinas has an adolescent program that transitions to intensive outpatient treatment. They take voluntary and involuntary admissions.

UCLA has a variety of adolescent inpatient services.

counselor This counselor looks like they've got experience in the area and lots of connections. If you don't find what you're looking for online and want to meet with a local expert, I'd try Sardelich.

My best to you!
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