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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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My son would score 37 on the PCL-R questionaire (he is only

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my son would score 37 on the PCL-R questionaire (he is only 15). he is currently in a remand centre facing 7 charges and has convictions for 16 other charges. his offenses range from grafitti, indecent exposure and carrying a concealed weapon to aggravated robbery. he has had significant behavioural problems since he was a toddler, and i was told to consider homeschooling him the day he was expelled from 4yr old kindy. i have three other children who are all placid, calm and very caring people. he is the second eldest and has never experienced any form of abuse, except from his peers in the last year or so. he regularly gets in fights and usually ends up hurting the other party, sometimes seriously. is there anything i can do to help him? ive tried reward systems, ignoring negative actions, ive even tried giving him a car and giving him guidelines on how to keep it. he has no guilt, empathy or remorse and does not have any inclination to change. he openly admits he understands why his actions are not acceptable, and also admits that he doesnt care. he wants what he wants right now, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. he has admitted gaining pleasure from hurting people, and will "bash some random for fun." im scared of him and what he is capable of. please let me know if there is any way to help him or if i should focus on protecting myself and the rest of our family.
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First, I would focus on protecting yourself and your family. It sounds like he has a very acute antisocial personality disorder and is headed for trouble. Eventually the legal system will become involved, so you want to prepare for that. I would recommend counseling for the family if at all possible, because there will be fallout from having this child in the home.

For him: I would have a complete neuropsych work-up performed. There is definitely something wrong with him, and it may be organic deficit that won't be overcome with treatment. Before you start with the solution, I think you should spend some time and effort on making sure you know exactly what his problem is.

My best to you,
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thankyou, we hadnt considered counselling for the rest of the family, but will definately pursue it.

unfortunately, the legal system is already involved and we are all emotionally exhausted from constantly living "on edge" waiting for what is coming next.... the legal system is having a difficult time with him, community service did nothing to deteer him, and they cant give him a custodial sentence because he is constantly reoffending prior to his court date, which delays the process. he is currently on charges for offenses committed over a 5 month period.

he has had a head CT, which came back blissfully normal, and is having an eeg since he started having seizures after an acute alcohol intoxication that required hospitalization. he was diagnosed with ADHD at 5, then the diagnosis was revised to conduct disorder at 10, then at 13 we were told his conduct disorder is "at the more severe end of the spectrum". the problem is that i cant find any services out there that arre capable/willing to help with him and im not the type of person who can give up on him. i dont think i can rest until i have tried absolutely everything to help him.

thankyou for your time.