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My girlfriend has just left me after giving birth to our son

Customer Question

hi there, my girlfriend has just left me after giving birth to our son he was 3 weeks old at the time, it wasn't a easy pregnancy she was not feeling good for probably 7 months, she really wanted to breastfeed more than anything but stoped after 7 days or so i had my 2 weeks off and then went back to work leaving her on her own for the next week. we did have an agument 20 min before she walked out but it was over feeding baby (not a big bust up) in my opinion it was a normal rant people would have over nothing, she is now saying she dose not want to be with me only stay friends but she is willing to meet up for 5-6 hours at a time, this in my opinion isnt the reaction of somebody who wants to brake up, i was just wondering is it possably her hormones could be making her like this or maybe a bit of postnatal depression?
Many thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Kelley replied 7 years ago.

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Yes it defiantly could be postnatal depression. After a women gives birth her hormones are at different levels they they normally are so there is to be some normal and expected up and downs as well as just the general adjusting to being a parent. But it sounds like there are been some sudden changes and decision that she has been making which could defiantly be some postnatal depression. I would strongly encourage her to talk to her OBGYN about how she is feeling who can evaluate her for any depression or any concerns and refer her to a psychiatrist/therapist if needed. If she refuses you as the father of the baby could probably call the OBGYN yourself and express your concerns and then she could still do an evaluation on her.

Please let me know if I can assist anymore, I am here to help!