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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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You elaborate on victimization? I get the sword of intimacy

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For Anna
Could you elaborate on victimization? I get the sword of intimacy over his head (great analogy) and keeping everyone at arm's length will result in no real relationships.
Women are still pursued to what? His "other only just a platonic friend" seems to be BPD married and not very functional-she reappeared when he probably told her about inheritance. She has been very present in my opinion. He is her "victim" or another source of supply? She is female attention so he won't have to face sexual identity issues or he will use to hide them? Or she is just going to flatter him into writing a check?
Drug use is definitely present-I have ascertained pot use-but it must be chronic which would make someone increasingly paranoid from the little I know. He won't quantify and knows what I am asking-but his being enamored of it as a regular part of his life has bubbled up in conversations.
So women, in more recent times, are "fronts" or a comfort zone AND victims?
Hey Desert

I wrote some stuff on your other thread, so you should read that one first.

Can you imagine a better combination of fantasy than a HPD & a BPD? Instant drama. They're using each other and probably can't resist the pull. In that, they victimize each other on a pretty regular basis. It's a perfect recipe for distraction and high drama.

I agree that women are fronts/victims/victimizers/energizers/distractions and stem the tide of fear that he lives in.

I'm picturing a peacock with a joint in his mouth and a gaggle of females behind him.....he's imagining what this looks like from a good camera angle with the theme from Miami Vice playing in the background. But that's just me. :)

Take care, Desert
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