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Wendy M
Wendy M, Mental Health Professional
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Im currently taking clonozapam for about a year and a half

Resolved Question:

im currently taking clonozapam for about a year and a half now i was fine until i took the depoprovera shot and about a month after taking it my anxiety just keeps getting worse. i recently went to my phychiatrist and he told me that it would be a good idea to put me on something else while weening me off the current medication im on. ive taken zoloft, paxil lexaro and effexor b4 i started taking the clonozapam and they made it worse. my doctor says this means that my body doesnt take well to those classes of medications. is there any way you can tell me what class or any medication that u think will help me?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Wendy M replied 7 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer.

I am sorry to hear that some of the widely known medications that are used to treat anxiety are not working for you. There are a couple of different options though, that you can speak to your psychiatrist about.

There is a drug called Buspar, that is also widely known, to help with anxiety. It does still work on the serotonin, but also works on dopamine levels as well. It is in a different class of medications, as compared to the SSRI's that you have tried.

Also, there has been some research showing that some anti convulsant medications may be helpful in treating anxiety. Drugs like Dilantin and Tegretol have been researched and have had success in treating anxiety.

These are the two options, that you can speak to your psychiatrist about. Also, if you are not in therapy, going to a counselor that utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, can also be helpful as well, while utilizing medication management, to help treat your symptoms.

I do hope this helps some.

Take care,
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