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Wendy M
Wendy M, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Over 16 years in chemical dependency and the mental health field.
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Sometimes i feel like people dont get me, i think

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sometimes i feel like people dont get me, i think differently, seems like i think more and faster, and i dont understand why people dont see what i do in situations, i dont understand why people cant process the things i do, sometimes i feel alone because im 'too smart', i feel like my brain goes over alot of information super quickly, just jumps from one thing to the next strung along by some crazy thought process, and its amazing where A and B are and what happened/thought in between.
is this normal???

Welcome to Just Answer.

I am wondering if you could give me a few examples of how your mind jumps from one thing to the next. Examples of how you get from idea A to idea B. That would help me to be able to answer this question more correctly.

I thank you in advance to your reply.

Take care,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
gosh i wish i could give you an example, but see it happens so fast its nearly a blur to me, but i could start off on something such as chips and end up wondering about tribal rituals in africa or something, and it happens in about 3 seconds, and ive covered about 20-30 different thoughts. where as from what ive gathered from being around and talking to family and friends, thats not the case for them, they can go from A to B with about 2 thoughts in the same amount of time, and of course they dont go from chips to tribal rituals they go from chips to dinner or something that makes sense, but not me.

Thank you for the extra information.

There is something in counseling that they call a thought disorder. This seems to be what may be going on. The mind racing more quickly than you would like it to be. There are 3 forms of thought disorders, that I wanted to explain to you, that you may or may not, be able to relate to.

1. Loose associations - This is where the thoughts in which a series of thoughts appear to be only distantly (or loosely) related to one another or completely unrelated.
2. Flight of ideas - A sequence of loose associations or extreme tangentiality where the speaker goes quickly from one idea to another seemingly unrelated idea.
3. Tangentiality - expressions or responses characterized by a tendency to digress from an original topic of conversation, in which a common word connects two unrelated thoughts.

Please know, that this is only a consult and not a diagnosis. You would need to see a therapist or psychiatrist in your area, for an accurate diagnosis.

I also wanted to say, that when you write, your thoughts are very connected. There does not seem to be a thought disorder, when I see you writing to me, as your thoughts seem very connected. So, there is a possibility of a thought disorder, but again, with your writings to me, you seem to me, that your thoughts are very organized, and a thought disorder may not be an issue.

I do not know how long it took for you to write me back and if you had to re read everything that you had written, prior to sending it to me.

I do hope though, that some of this information helps.

Take care,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The first one, loose, sounds very much like what i have/do. My partner, ive just read what ive typed and recieved, agrees. She says there are times where she doesnt know and understand how i've arrived at the conclusions i had based on what was going on. I understand this is not a diagnosis as i would have to talk to someone in person, but what is there to 'cure' or help this. And yes, my writing is somewhat very scattered, i often go back re read and re write it so it would make sense to others.

The way to help it, would be to find an underlying cause for it. If it is due to cognitive functioning, then that would have to be addressed. Other things that can influence a thought disorder would be schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and even anxiety can bring up some of the symptoms. Some other things as well, that could bring this on, is some medications. Also some drugs, such as marijuana.

But, if you were to see someone, to get a more appropriate diagnosis, they would be better able to help you identify a good treatment for you.

I do hope this helps some.

Take care,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks, ***** ***** diagnosed bi polar. Had to laugh as i was taking a bath this evening, i had a good example come up, was thinking about the first childs scrapbook, and about 2-3 seconds later, i was trying to recite the jumble of 7 letters that are the prescribed password ***** a website. Thanks!

I am truly glad that I was able to help! This is a great way to start a conversation with your doctor, the next time that you see him. To let him know what is going on and if it bothers you, then you can speak with your doctor about making changes to your medications, to help slow down your thought process.

I wish you all the best.

Take care,
Wendy M and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks so much

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