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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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I have rekindled a relationship from 25 years ago and I

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I have rekindled a relationship from 25 years ago and I believe he is histrionic male. Still recieves lots of attention due to being quite handsome. Talks about other women are always after him, he never married/chldren, is under-employed and brilliant-but does not finish his ideas. Dominates conversation and has developed a style of phrasing without facts 'Bush is CIA" "Evil Christians" and conspiracy theories. I ask questions and probe for substantiation and dramatically get responses like "America is warmonger kind of thing." He also reports that his previous relationship (10 years) was asexual although she cheated on him-He used to be appropriate. Alluded to nude massages and threesome where all he did was "sensual" massage. "I am not bi or gay." Suspicious relationship with married woman-I questioned and he went into hysteria-that's my only friend, etc. Is friends with a transexual (they both work at university) and sees around town. Has to masturbate & barely erect!
Hello & Welcome to Just Answers.

I agree that he certainly is Histrionic with Borderline tendencies (hidden sexual identity, oddly formed relationships...). This is not a man who is available for a mature male/female relationship, I can tell you that much.

You may be allowed to be entertained by him, but only if you're a proper audience member. As soon as you breach his rigid protocol, he'll explode, implode, attack, disintegrate or turn on the 'Baffle Them with BS Machine". You won't get a shred of your personality or self in edgewise. He lives in a fantasy queenish world where normal people aren't allowed unless you join the collective psychosis and play along. This is a case for a team of trained professionals, and even then, he wouldn't allow for treatment to work. I recommend that you smile, nod and back towards the door and give thanks for the 25 years of peace. This is a poor soul, but you can't fix him.

My best to you,
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Just realized I sent my question and need for feedback-I think to someone else. Can you find me via e-mail? Please advise and thanks.
I found it,Customer Thanks for the accept and the bonus - I really appreciate it. You've got a great analytical mind!


If you have questions you want me to answer, just put the words "For Anna" at the start of your question sentence, and I'll see that it's for me.