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I have a question about my daughter having visitation with

Customer Question

I have a question about my daughter having visitation with her father. She loves him and enjoys spending time with him. He is good to her, although I have my own personal issues with his parenting, I know he loves her very much. But every time she comes home from his house, she is mean to me and it takes about a day to "get her back". Is this normal? What can I do to avoid this? I would also like to add that my daughter and I are very, very close and never have conflicts other than when she returns from his house. She is 5 years old. And I also wanted to add that he is recently remarried and she is now spending more time there than before, including overnights which were not generally a part of the visitation before. I think it may be that she is taking her frustrations out on me because she knows I am always there for her and I have been her "consistent" person.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 7 years ago.
Good news, it is very common for this to happen; for all the reasons you mentioned. Now, you can't do anything about what goes on at his house. What you can do for your daughter is to continue to support her and listen to her frustrations. I think the one thing that needs to be in place is a set of rules that outline appropriate and inappropriate behavior. And the consequences that follow breaking the rules. That way when she comes home and knows it is against the rules to be violent or talk back then she would also know that a consequence will follow shortly after. Try this out and see if she doesn't eventually tame her behaviors. But keep in mind that talking to her about her trip with dad and letting her get her frustrations out in a healthy manner is also necessary.

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