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My sister began accusing her husband (1 yr marriage) of going

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My sister began accusing her husband (1 yr marriage) of going thru her purse, taking money, and moving and putting back items about 9 months ago. I had no reason to not believe her at the time. She filed for divorce in October 2009 and kicked him out of the condo. She then began telling the family that her husband was in her attic watching her, still going through her purse, cloning her phone (several after a couple of months) and reading everything she did on her computer. A couple of months later, she shifted the blame to family members, mainly myself. According to her, I was taking money from her accounts, doing her taxes and getting refunds, cloning her phone(s), stealing money from her car and purse and condo, etc. Every person she knows has been blamed for these things at one time or another since Oct. 09. She needs help, but will not admit that she has a problem. She has been to every police dept in the area. What can we do (her family) and she has a small cjild. Please help!!



Given the fact that she sounds delusional and is actively hallucinating, you can call the Child protective service of your locality and report that this young child is in the care of some mone who is actively psychotic. Expect a great deal of resistance from the authorities a they tend not to want to not get involved, Do not accept the line worker';s decision. Keep on going up the supervisory chain and docum,ent all with a letter which indicates that if any harm occurs to this child you will hold the people that you have contacted and notified responsible for allpwing the child to stay in this dangerious environment.




Ralph LMHC

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Since we no longer know where she is, I would not know which county to call. How many family members do we need in Mississippi to have an involuntary commitment with these circumstances? She has to return my neice to her husband (they are still married) Saturday, June 5 and has to meet him in front of the Okt. Co sheriff's dept. If we can get an involuntary commitment before this time, that is the only place we know to find her. Would her husband have to do this or since they are in the middle of a divorce and custody battle, would the family need to do it? Thanks for your help.

A complaint to the police that she is bizarre and has threatened to kill all the family members should suffice to get her picked up and evaluated. I am sorry but I don't know the specific regs in Mississippi. You can can go to the equivalent of adult protective services and raise a complaint. It would carry more weight if the people who were witness to her threatening to kill all the family members were petitioners. The husband could clearly be accused of bias and serving his own ends. Just be forewarned that this is not a easy job-but you may be saving a life. If she is as psychotic as you state she may not show at the courthouse and if you have the resources and she does not show you may require the services of a private investigator.



Ralph LMHC

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