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Dr. Steve
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Experience:  19 years conducting therapy; book author; newspaper columnist; former co-host of radio show
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As I try to deal with the effects of living with a NPDed husband

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As I try to deal with the effects of living with a NPD'ed husband for the past 12 years, I now question so many of the behaviors and things that have happened through the years. Ex. my husband who has a side business as a handy man/builder, remodeler was always taking care of the maintenance on our home, and possessions. I have always had a red flag that things seemed to wear out quicker than I thought was normal. Since the repair/replacement of items were always on my dime, is it possible that he has been systematically sabotaging things over the years in an attempt to keep me dependent on him financially. I always had to ask him for $$$ from his pay to help pay the bills. It was never anything I could take for granted or depend on. Are NPD'ed people this manipulative/creative/sneaky?



I think I helped you with a previous question about this guy... and to answer you directly, YES! NPD folks are not minor league players when it comes to lying and manipulating - they are MAJOR leaguers! Because they lack conscience or empathy, they see people as tools to use to meet their ends. If their end happens to be keeping you dependent financially, then he would do anything he could think of to keep you on the hook like that. Too, it would not matter to him if he was harming you in the long term, because you are expendable to him, like other folks around him. NPDs are "users of people," and would not hesitate to do all the things you fear have been done.


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Dr. Steve

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