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Resolved Question:

<p>What sort of questions do the public services ask your doctor, for example police, when assessing your mental health if you have clinical depression? Does effect your chances of getting in?</p>
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Steve replied 7 years ago.



Great question... Part of my answer will not make you happy, but read the whole reply before you get anxious, okay?. When you agreed to the security check, you signed a blanket release, allowing them to ask anything that they want to ask. In general, they aren't interested in the minutia of your health history - but they ARE interested in any condition that may compromise your ability to do the job. So, here is the rub: Your physician will probably not complete the paperwork; they get a lot of these type of requests, and do not have the time to roll up their sleeves and check every box by themselves. So often times, a nurse or office assistant will organize the information and give it to the doc to look over and then sign - so if you have had a condition that stands out (like being treated for depression), it will probably be included in the report.


There is an upside: Your doc can also indicate if it was a SINGLE event (better for you than recurrent depression) and if s/he feels the condition has completely abated. These provisions will look better for you because they imply that there is not going to be a lingering effect. My advice to you is to schedule an appointment with your doc and at least let him/her know to expect the paperwork, and then express your concerns. Often times, the physicians are willing to work with you - particularly if they are confident that the condition is wiped clean and that you will be fine.


Hey - let me say this, too... The prison systems are careful about new hires, but they are also interested in keeping their rosters full. Even with one red flag (and a solo bout of depression isn't the worst one you can have, believe me), they may work with you to get you into their system. Best of luck- If you are satisfied with the response, please hit "Accept." That is the only way I can receive credit for my response. Thanks-

Dr. Steve

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