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Kelley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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My mother and father who split when I was three are both

Customer Question

My mother and father who split when I was three are both narcissism pathelogical liars and one is Freud and one is Jungian/Kleinian. <br />I left London at 32 to come and live in Santa Fe New Mexico to breathe,to grow,to get honest. <br />I take people to swim with dolphins in the wild in Key west Florida,Bahamas,Costa Rica and wrote my thesis for masters in Psychology on "The effect of dolphin sound on human emotion" <br />I am president of XXXXXXXXXX<br />My family resent me because of my freedom and taking money from them when they are millionaires and I somehow didn,t make enough money to be left out all together <br />I am beautiful and lonely and don,t let words get me down unless I talk to my mother who left at 2 and my sister Ruthie who hardly talks to me. <br />My brother David does not at all,and has excluded me entirely from his own children and wife and himself. <br />I love my Father who is nearly 90 dearly as he raised me and communicate with him nearly daily from US to London.His death is imminent. <br />Please help me understand. <br />Love and peace <br />Sylvie T
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Kelley replied 7 years ago.


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It sounds like you are a good person and are trying to make the best life for yourself. It sounds to me like you pursued your dreams and have achieved many of them. We do not get to choose who are families are or how they raise us as innocent children. I am sorry that you were dealt some hurt and pain from your family. It sounds to me like you are a strong person who was able to overcome and achieve what was best for you in life.

There are many hard stages in life such as the death of a loved parent. I would suggest that you just make sure you let him know you love him so you will hold no regretts. Also I would really suggest seeing a councelor for some short term therapy to help you process some of the things you are feeling.

Please let me know if I can assist anymore, I am here to help!