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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Got very depressed at the age of 20 yrs old and had a mild

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Got very depressed at the age of 20 yrs old and had a mild breakdown- self harmed during this period. Went on prozac for 2 years until 22 yrs old. Came off it for 2 years as thought the depression was cured but then went back it as my felings of anxiety increased by the age 24 yrs. At 28yrs I continued to feel depressed and anxious still I was swapped to the Citalapram. Currently on 30mg of Citalapram as I am trying to cut down as I want to try for a baby later in the year.
My symptoms are the following: on edge and jittery, sometimes lively and want to socialise but most of the time cant bear to and want to be on my own or just with my partner. I enjoy drinking alcohol becaue it relaxes me. I am very impulsive spending every day on items to try and boost my mood. I am often irritable and often feel I cant 'cope' with life (out of control feeling) I also get very emotional suddenly and have had periods of extreme crying. I never feel both depressed and on a high though. Am I Bi Polar

Hi there ,

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Well, NO , you do not seem to be having Bipolar disorder as you do not have had any episode of mania or hypomania which is necesary to diagnose a person as Bipolar disorder , as so it seems from the symptoms you have narrated which are not seen in bipolar disorder patient ..

So, basically it is Dysthymia ( long standing depression ) that you are suffering from and it is to be treated in the same manner as one treats depression , that is with anti depressant drugs . And , you have been rightly placed on citalopram and this will help you come out of depression ..

However, You may ask your doctor , if you can use a natural therapy such as St. John' s wort , if you do not want to continue on any medication , the St. John's wort is a proven natural drug that has been used effectively as an alternaive to anti dpressants for treating depression.. So, kindly discuss the use of St, John's wort with your doctor ...

see the link below for better understanding of St. John's wort for treating depression.'s_wort#Medical_use

I hope this helps...

I wish you all the best...

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