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My son is 22. He is about to graduate from college in 2

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My son is 22. He is about to graduate from college in 2 weeks. He started having panic attacks for the first time about 3 weeks ago. He was prescribed Xanax, and that seemed to make him more anxious. Then, he was given Ativan, but does not want to take it except to sleep at night. Hes afraid of becomig addicted.
He seems to be fine unless he is alone. When he's alone the symptoms seem to creep up... racing heart, obsessive thinking about everything... his breathing seems funny, etc. I'm so worried about him, he's in College Station and has only been to the emergency clinic and to a family doctor twice. I spent a few days with him last week but cant stay there because of work. He's supposed to go in for a follow up this week. Should I get him an appointment with a psychiatrist instead of the family doctor? I'm afraid they will want to put him on more medication and he is really afraid of that.
Before putting him on any medication I would suggest he see a therapist to see if that would help before meds. The therapist can give him strategies for managing panic attacks and it might also be revealed the cause of them. My guess is the stress of graduating and finding a job and where to live is a bit overwhelming for him. When he is alone he has all the time to think about this which gets him nervous. SO a few sessions of therapy should handle this. Good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I agree that he needs to see a therapist, but he said he doesnt have time until graduation is over. One more question, I've looked online at the program called The Linden Method, do you think that might be helpful for him until he can get settled into his new place and finds a therapist? He's very willing to try to get past this, preferrably without medicine.I've read positive and negative comments about the Linden Method, I thought it might give him some tools and get his mind off of his symptoms...please let me know your thoughts, I know you probably can't promote a specific program. Thank you!
It seems like it could be effective. It uses cognitive behavioral techniques to treat anxiety which is a good method. He can try that but he should also schedule with a therapist as soon as possible because it might take a while to get in. He should not wait until after graduation because as exams come up it might get worse.
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