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My boyfriend has ptsd and substance abuse problem. today i

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my boyfriend has ptsd and substance abuse problem. today i found him taking something from my dresser that was not for him to take. i call that stealing. for me it does not matter what it was he stole. just that he did is horrible. he shouldn't have been in my bedroom anyway. when i confronted him about this he walked out, denied his action and came back into my house after breaking the screen door lock. i believe he is a liar, thief, and a manipulator to get whatever he wants at everyone elses cost. he is the master of excuses, and nothing is ever his fault. hours later he admitted that he did steal from me but it was my mistake to leave the bait in his sight. (he shouldn't have been in my room to begin with, i told him, and he retorted with some other excuse from incidents in the past blaming me! i am looking for a workbook that will help us sit down together and explore these emotional states and actions. ('seeking safety' by lisa najavitis has a few sheets that i've seen and like)

Good Morning,

His behavior can be also related to his substance abuse issues. You've mentioned that he had received counseling. Couple's counseling may be something to look into if he had not tried it with you before. That way you can confront him with an objective person present of his actions and how they affect you and the relationship.

If you believe that his PTSD is still unresolved, EMDR therapy would be quite appropriate and helpful. Of course, you want to really address how his actions impact your relationship since he is in denial.


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