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My 19 year old daughter is an alcoholic. She started

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My 19 year old daughter is an alcoholic. She started drinking at age 14. I only now realize I have to stop trying to c ontrol her. Among many other things, I am angry. I want to start recovering today. How can I face her without anger?
What are you angry about?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Right now, I'm angry that she disrespects the standard of living I ask in my home. When I am not home she invites "friends" into the home and has drinking parties. When I come home and find that this has happened and confront her, she denies it. She refuses to take antidepressant medication that has been described. Because of a rocky relationship with a boy, she has bouts of anger that cause physical damage to the home. She has started drinking again even though when separated from the Air Force because of breaking underage drinking regulations, she promised not to drink anymore. I have offered her counseling but she refuses. The problems date back to the age of 14. Suspension from school. Arrests. She is bright and talented and has the ability to achieve.
what you are doing is enabling her behavior. She is allowed to get away with all of these things in your home and you do nothing about it except talk to her which goes in one ear and out the other. When are you going to show her you mean business by your actions? Set and enforce rules with clear and harsh consequences. If she cannot abide by your rules then it is out the door she goes. If you want to help her then it is time to show her some tough love.
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