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Wendy M
Wendy M, Mental Health Professional
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Experience:  Over 16 years in chemical dependency and the mental health field.
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why cant i control the constant negative thoughts anymore .......lost

Customer Question

why cant i control the constant negative thoughts anymore?.......lost the love of my life recently and i feel like everyone blames me for feeling this way and its killing all of my relationships.....i constantly remind myself of all the negatives in my life and its like my subconcious is trying to convince me to that im a bad starting to believe not the person i thought i was and i dont see myself ever living up tomy own expectations far less anyone whole day is filled with thoughts of either killing myself, my ex or some other bullshit that i hate about myself and i dunno why i cant control this shit anymore! use to be that i only thought about these things when i was reminded by some visual or vocal source....but now i think of nothing else!....NOTHING ELSE............i just wanna know what pills should i take for this......something that will actually help ad not just make me a robot....cuz i still do miss my happy thoughts
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Wendy M replied 7 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer.

I cannot officially diagnose you, as we are on the internet, and I am privy to only pieces of the information that you have provided me. But, with the information that I have, it does seem, like you may have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which may have been triggered, due to your recent breakup with your girlfriend.

I wanted to give you some information on OCD and what it is. There are two parts of OCD. The first is obsessions and the second is compulsions. You can have the obsessions without the compulsions and vice versa. But, here are some common things that can happen, with a person who has obsessive and intrusive thoughts.

Losing Control

  • Fear of acting on an impulse to harm oneself
  • Fear of acting on an impulse to harm others
  • Fear of violent or horrific images in one’s mind
  • Fear of blurting out obscenities or insults
  • Fear of stealing things


  • Fear of being responsible for something terrible happening
  • Fear of harming others because of not being careful enough
So, you do fit some of the criteria that are set, for this particular disorder.

The treatment for OCD, in the beginning is, finding a well trained CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in your area and medicines.

Some of the medicines that are usually given for OCD are antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft and other SSRI's.

To get accurately diagnosed, you would have to either find a good therapist in your area, or find a psychiatrist who can do a full evaluation and provide medicines for treatment. 7 out of 10 people who do either CBT or antidepressant treatment and sometimes both, end up having a good decrease in symptoms, to where they find it more manageable and the obsessions are not so intrusive that it is affecting their ability to function in life.

I do hope this helps some.

Take care,