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My husband had to leave the country, within the first month

Customer Question

My husband had to leave the country, within the first month our 2 year old daughter stopped eating. He has been gone for 3 months now and will be gone for several more. Our daughter has lost aprox. 6 pounds. We are very worried. Is her refusal to eat directly related to her fathers absence? If so can you explaine how?
Additional info..we have 5 children all together, our daughters place at the table was on her father's lap...he fed her. He was all the children's primary care giver...he was the stay at home dad while I worked.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  cathy replied 7 years ago.

Hi kanga and thanks for using

It very well could be due to her Dad leaving or it could be due to other problems. Have you taken her to her pediatrician and what does the pediatrician say? Thanks so much for additional info so we can better help you. Cathy

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have taken her to 3 pediatricians, they all say it is directly related to her father being gone, but they fail to explaine to me why or how. And the more oppinions I get the better my chances are on getting my husband home. He had to go back to Honduras to renew his visa and they are taking several months to process his documents. They will expedite his visa if I can prove our daughter's condition is directly related. I need him home to care for our other 4 children, so that I can properly care for her. The last 2 doctors I brought her to recomended she be admitted for a feeding tube and IV fluids, but I cannot agree to admit her as that would mean leaving my 11 year old daughter to care for our 8, 5, and other 2 year old while I stay at the hospital.
Expert:  cathy replied 7 years ago.

I see. I do a great deal of legal work for people exactly in your situation but I dont think I could win this case. I am going to leave this open for experts more qualified than I and I will follow this closely. I know your daughter is in distress but I dont see any judge moving your husband home sooner and I think you should actually speak to a legal expert on this but am leaving your query open for a mental health expert just the same. Very best wishes to you on such a tough question.Cathy