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My mother in law had schizophrenia most of her adult life.

Resolved Question:

My mother in law had schizophrenia most of her adult life. She died this year. Her son (my husband) is her only child and she didn't have any siblings. My husband has three daughters form his first marriage (twins are 16 and the oldest one is 18) and they are all lovely, succesfull girls. We have two children together, our son is 5 and our daugther is 3. My constant worry is that our son (I don't know why I single him out, if it's not that he is a male and my first child) is going to have the same illness at some point in his life. He is a lovely little boy, intersted in same things as his friends, doing well in school, and apart from being a bit anxious for the first few days in school after every holiday, he is fine. My husband is 45, never had any mental problems and I don;t know why I can't shake off this feeling and this worry that grips my heart, especially if I hear anyone mention this illness or anything. Thank you
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 7 years ago.
I take it that you are worried about something that is 1) out of your control, 2) not showing any proof that a problem exists, and 3) believing that you can not handle it if he develops schizophrenia. You have to take each of these beliefs and write a different script for them. Meaning, give counterarguments for each of these beliefs you hold true until you start believing in a more rational manner. 1) I am powerless over this issue and I need to be ok with not being in control. 2) There is no evidence to indicate my son has schizophrenia. I will keep a watchful eye for any signs but I will not obsess about it. 3) I will be able to handle it IF that time comes. I will get him adequate treatment so that he can live a fulfilling life. Etc, etc.
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