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My granddaughter, age 9-1/2, has been in the middle of a

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My granddaughter, age 9-1/2, has been in the middle of a year long upheaval, culminating in her parent's divorce. They have joint custody
and she technically lives with her mom, but goes to see her dad 3 nights a weekend a 1 weekend day. She is still unable to deal well with this and has begged her dad to come back, which I don't think will ever happen.
she started acting out, being disrespectful and even to the point of
pushing other kids. The only person she will listen to is her dad. This weekend she pulled out all the hairs in one eyebrow. Her mother has her on her insurance plan at work and has said she is going to take her to a
psychologist, but hasn't done so. This child desperately needs help and I
am afraid for her. Please tell me what you think.
I think she needs to get into counseling to help her cope with the divorce. Her behavior is directly related to the events in her life and as we can see she is not handling it well. If her mother is too busy to take her then maybe you can take her. She needs support and comfort right now in her life. You can be a support to her by asking her how she is doing and if she ever wants to talk. She should be encouraged to talk about her feelings and if she has difficulty identifying her feelings then help her along. You can say it must be sad, upsetting, difficult.....whatever the feeling, to have to go through this. the more she opens up the better off she will be. But she does need some counseling.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you. ***** live in another state. Do you think the pulling out her brows are

a particularly bad sign? I'm worried by her hurting herself further physically ie cutting,etc.

I think it is a bad sign that needs to be addressed with her therapist. Will it get worse? It could if she does not get help now.
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