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My son Alex who is 23 years old now has cut his face 3 times

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My son Alex who is 23 years old now has cut his face 3 times during the last 3 weeks. Before in 2004 he cut up his arm and attempted suicide after taking 40 pills of some untidepressant. He has a lot of guilt for having been used by his mother to cover up for her affair in 2002, suffered a lot while living with her mother's boyfriend who beat her up black and blue every day. In the last 2-3 years while at a job stress has caused him to loose his job. Any type of significant stress or traumatic experience sends him into a deep depression and destructive mode towards him and property. He hears a voice that tells him to cut himself. He says his soul is unprotected and feels pain. This summer 2009 he was prescribed Lexopro without any good results. He has been taking Risperdal for the last two months but when he stops like in the last few weeks he cuts himself. I want to take him for a thorough evaluation and psychological treatment at a reputable facility like at UAB. Where should we go
Hi elsuave,

Any psychiatrist who sees young adults will be able to diagnose him and offer you a medication plan to deal with his audio hallucinations and his depression. Treating his PTSD might require medication and therapy.

Are you looking for inpatient or outpatient treatment? What area/state/country do you live in?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He has been treated as an outpatient for about a year but his treatment is not working as well as it should, otherwise he would not be cutting himself. I think he's lacking a thorough psychological/psychiatric evaluation and therapy for a few weeks or longer. For right now we are looking for inpatient treatment, at first, and thereafter when he gets better or well, outpatient treatment, so that he can resume his college classes. His mother and I would like for him to go to the best facility here in Alabama. A safe and clean place that is staffed 24/7 with professionals that are uptodate and equiped with the latest in treating these disorders. As parents, we would like for him a thorough evaluation to find out and treat whatever his post traumatic pains are that he keeps inside and can't come out. After thorough psychiatric evaluation, he would need a diagnosis that would tell us if he has schizophrenia, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, a combination thereof or whatever his affliction may be. While he is in a facility being treated we would like for him to have the type of medication that can have a longer time effect so that he can be stable for longer periods of time and even when he goes back home. My son lives and attends college in Jacksonville, Alabama. His parents live in Montgomery, AL. I believe that in Birmingham, AL is where the best psychiatric facilities are, because they are in close proximity and/or associated with UAB and stay uptodate with the latest in that field. My son is presently enrolled at JSU, and will have to drop this semester because of his condition.

NAMI Birmingham has a great website with resources in the area around UAB, as well as monthly meetings for concerned folks.

UAB psychiatry dept

I recommend that you contact someone at NAMI personally to find out which psychiatric hospital is doing well right now...they tend to change over time. They'll know the best treatment teams, and who to avoid.

Your plan is a good one. I wouldn't add anything to it, and I believe you're on the right track. UAB is a research hospital with an extensive psychiatric service.

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