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I have been treated unsuccessfully for major depression for

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I have been treated unsuccessfully for major depression for over five years. It has not gotten better despite tries of several medications and combinations of medications, counselling, hypnosis, and ECT treatments. Now I have a patient advocate who reviewed my "case" said that I might actually have "chronic fatigue syndrome" or even fibromyalgia. My psychiatrist said that this might be possible. What tests, if any, would help in my diagnosis and what treatments would help if I do actually have one of these other conditions with the depression being a symptom. I take Adderall in the morning and at eleven a.m. and zoloft in the a.m. but I am always SO tired (not sleepy, just tired). I sleep at night but I lose energy SO fast. I get short of breath quickly and even just talking to people can make me tired. I had a normal chest xray, EKG and treadmill stress test results. My primary doctor says ECT treatments may be the cause. Have any ideas? Thanks
Hi, if you do have fibromyalgia you will find that many doctors do not buy into the diagnosis and a few will say it's a woman's mental issue. Maybe it is but even so it's real. You do sound like that may be your problem. Luckily there is a lot of information and help for it all. The Mayo clinic website has good information regarding symptoms, treatment and what you can do to help yourself. I have patients who use a variety of treatments ranging from diet to massages. There are trigger points that are extremely tender in people with Fibromyalgia and if you have some or all of these triggers then you can assume that is what it is. Unfortunately there is no one test used to diagnose. It can also increase your changes of being depressed. I am going to give you the link to the Mayo Clinic information on this disorder. Chronic fatigue syndrome information may also be found on this website. Look it over and bring the information to your doctor. There is help although there is not specific "cure" but you can feel better. There is also a medication called Lyrica that is being prescribed for fibromyalgia so that may be an option too.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for following up and checking on me. The patient advocate that had been talking to me every two weeks sent my information to a doctor at the Mayo Clinic and doctor thought my symptoms sounded like someone who had fibromyalgia. My insurance would not pay for me to go to another hospital though to be evaluated and I cannot afford to pay for it on my own. I have talked to my primary doctor, my psychiatrist, my neurologist, and my sleep specialist about the possibility of fibromyalgia being the cause of all my health problems but my psychiatrist is the only one who believes that this may be the case. She started me on Cymbalta and this has helped with some of my symptoms. The other doctors change the topic or tell me to read books related to the mind and its ability to make you think you are sick. I still have a lot of difficulty falling asleep and I wake up after I do fall asleep, still feeling very fatigued. I get information mixed up and sometimes have a hard time processing what I'm told. For example, one day my son wanted a raspberry tea. I repeated it back to him three times to make sure I would remember it. I brought him back a root beer and would have sworn that he said root beer. I have chest pain every day on the left side, sometimes it wakes me up at night. I have told all my doctors about it. They said my heart is fine and that they don't know what the cause of it is and haven't ordered anything to help with the discomfort. If I do too much activity or don't stop and rest every one to two hours, I get pain in my hands, especially in my pinkie and ring fingers, near my knees, and in my little toes on both legs. Sometimes these areas start hurting even if I haven't been doing anything, like sometimes it wakes me from my sleep. I have a prescription now for Zanaflex but it doesn't help. I've told the doctors about this also. Is there anything that could help with first, the chest pain? second, the insomnia? and third, the pain in my fingers, toes, and around the knees, shoulders and lower back? If so, I have appointments with my doctors again in a few weeks and would ask them specifically about those medications and/or treatments. I really appreciate your help. This discomfort and pain IS NOT just in my head. Thank you also for really "listening" and believing that I am experiencing what I have been reporting. Sincerely, ***** ***** Hoelscher
Hi, I am not a medical doctor and although I understand how fibromyalgia affects a persons physically I can not offer you any information on medications. I can tell you that massage therapy is very helpful in treating the pain associated with this disorder. I know the pain is not in your head, anything that helps should try including massage, yoga and/or any exercise (I know it hurts) will help. I hope you find relief.