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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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I am an adult who has recently been diagnosed (correctly, I

Customer Question

I am an adult who has recently been diagnosed (correctly, I believe) with High functioning Aspergers/Autism. I have always experienced severe depression as an adult, and have been on an just about every treatment for the depression, with no lasting significant improvement. What now?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.

Hi art.

ECT is being used quite successfully for intractable depression now, and is very different from the old tales of 'shock therapy'. Small treatments are given over time on an outpatient basis.

Clinical hypnosis and CBT have helped many, but if you've been seeing people for years on this, you've probably been exposed to those already.

If you would, please fill out the feedback form after accepting. I appreciate this opportunity to help you out today. If I can be of further service to you, just put "for Anna" in the front of your new question, and I'll be the one to answer it.