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My teenage daughter was in a residential treatment center

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My teenage daughter was in a residential treatment center and was on medication. She came home in august 2009 and her behavior was good. She recently has been acting very unstable and she is requesting to be put back on medication. She wants to take redilyn and ambien. I told her that she has to see a psychiatrist to see what they recommend. We are currently on pins and needles right now trying to keep her calm. What do you recommend. I don't know if she needs to be hospitalized in order to get a diagnosis for her. Please help me. Thank you.


It sounds as if your daughter has gained some insight since she is requesting some help with medications. If she previously took the Ritalin and Ambien, this may be why she is requesting those medications. You didn't say if she was prescribed any medications after discharging home?

She will definitely need to see a psychiatrist to address these problems. If she has a diagnosis that would warrant those two medications, then there should not be a problem. But the psychiatrist should be a thorough evaluation and prescribe accordingly.

Sometimes,it takes a little while to get a psychiatric appointment. If she is unable to wait, call her general practitioner and ask to prescribe something for her based on her current symptoms. this can be changed once she begins to see the psychiatrist.

If she does not improve, or you have problems getting her in to a doctor, then take her to the local emergency department for psychiatric screening/evaluation. They can also assist her in getting on medications again. Please let me know what other question you have. Gina

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

My daughter was on medication when she came home but the psychiatrist gave us enough just to wean her off. She never took Ritalin and ambien but took othe different medications. I tell her to use her coping skills that she was taught while she was gone and she refuses. Thanks for your help.

Hi, Then she will need to have a re evaluation completed for the appropriate medications. I am sure you are aware of this, but both of those medications have some addictive qualities, so be careful of what she is taking. Thanks, Gina
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