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I have been treated for depression for 35 years. Seen psychiatrists,

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I have been treated for depression for 35 years. Seen psychiatrists, counselors, on every antidepressant out there, now am finding out its a personality problem rooted in childhood. What are the chances of my becoming confident with my life and gaining stability?
Hi, personality issues can be treated just as with any other disorder. The most important part is to be diligent and make a commitment to continue through therapy even when the going gets rough. Stability is learning to make different decisions that you may have made in the past, but making them for your well being, and knowing what that means. This is a process of change, so don't become frustrated if your efforts and results are slow going. I wish you the best. Gina
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I had just really written a detailed summary of my treatment and therapy, hit Send, then hit the back key to add another comment, so you did not see my whole story. I do appreciate your comment, but am so distraught and lost right now, that I'm going to quit for now and bring this whole incident up with my psychologist, when I see him IN A MONTH. He doesn't believe in answering phone calls, wants me to figure things out on my own, but when it hurts so bad, it just helps to be able to tell somebody, even if you know they won't have an answer. I have been on meds since age 23, in therapy since age 23, finally got a psychologist who seems to have found my problems rooted in childhood. But I have done these unfruitful behaviors and types of interaction for almost 60 years.. I'll be 60 in March.. feel like I'm still 17, definitely not a mature adult woman. I've had a dependent personality which, now that I am aware that that's part of the "problem", it gets frustrating to try to change this overnight. I've wanted acceptance my whole life (which I didn't/don't get from my parents) so try to do things to please people. I don't know what I want.. I have little autonomy.. I have little self esteem. Cry


If you could practice some self acceptance, and forgiveness, that would go a long way to help your self esteem. This, too is a process. I am sorry you are feeling so bad, but give yourself some credit. You are continuing to work to get healthier. Write down some things you are doing right every day. And work on some goals for yourself. Wave a magic wand and see what you are interested in doing, if the sky were the limit.
These are things you can do now, to help you along until your next appointment. I wish you the best. Gina

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