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My fiance is diagonsed with PTSD has be perscribed Celexa,

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My fiance is diagonsed with PTSD has be perscribed Celexa, Ambian, and Ativan. He has stopped taking meds and doesn't like going to the councler anymore because i think he's not ready to deal with some of his issues. Lately he's been getting extremely angry and damaging stuff never me or threating me.... advice??

Hi, I am always so saddened by the trauma of PTSD. It can be debilitating if not treated, but hard to handle when being treated as well. I am guessing your fiancee is a veteran? If so, I would contact the VA hospital closest to you and talk to the counselor or psychiatrist there. They can offer options for treatment both inpatient (intensive) and outpatient. Your fiancee needs help, and may not be able to help himself at this point. The other option, and this is for anyone who may be a threat to themselves or others, is commitment petition. Many states have specific guidelines regarding this and usually include an overt gesture in the past 30 days which threatened self or others, and past history of diagnosis. I am not an attorney, but the circuit court in your county should be able to assist with any more information.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to help him until he is ready. Please let me know if you have further questions.Gina

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Not a Veteran, Firefighter. PSTD is from the fire in Charleston SC that killed 9 firemen. He feels responsible because 3 were on his fire truck and he was on vacation that day. He doesn't want to rely on meds and the councelors always want to talk about the fire so he stopped going. Is there anything I can do to help him talk to me to help easy the pain and maybe help him to come to terms mors quickly so that he

ll be ready to see the doctor again? and are there any techniques I can use at home to try and lessen his anger outbursts I'm generally the target because I'm the one here you know it not about me or because me but directed toward me and hurts me emotionally

Hi, Oh, I am so sorry.

He is experiencing survivor guilt. Survivor guilt maintains itself to provide certain meaningful feelings. It prevents the event from being meaningless, and keeps him from feeling helpless, by a constant reinforcement of his negative feelings about himself.

Techniques counselors use to deal with patients and PTSD does require talking. It is important for him to tell his story over and over, as many times as needed, until it no longer has such a powerful hold. He must also have an environment that feels safe to talk in. Support groups are great if he would go. Encouraging him to challenge irrational or skewed thoughts will help him handle his own feelings better, and grasp a more realistic view of what happened.

As for his anger, It is always the one closest that gets the outpour of anger. You must talk to him about how this is effecting you. And let him know you will not tolerate this emotional abuse. You and he are survivors as well. You must let him know how you are effected by this, and give him options for change.

You may want to consider talking to his supervisor, and ask him/her to talk to him about getting back into counseling and on medications. I am sure this must be effecting his job? The department wants healthy workers both for themselves, and for their employees. Please let me know if you have further questions. Thanks, Gina

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