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what is the best technique to stop a negative train of thought

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what is the best technique to stop a negative train of thought which leads into deeper depression - following an intimate loss of someone close


I am glad you arw working to change your reactions to these emotions in addition to taking your medications. Rational Emotive Therapy suggests retraining your perception and thoughts will change your feelings. A therapist can help you with this in the long term. It imploys an ABC concept in that: A. Something occurs B. our beliefs about what occurred and C. the consequences of the belief. This theory helps to clarify negative or false beliefs thus changing your reactions to them. I am including a website to assist you,html

There are usually many books available on this topic as well. Please let me know if you have other questions. Thanks, Gina

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks that explains the therapy available and the process available [which i have gleaned from reading] but i was looking more for a tried tested or recommended - thought process / technique to follow to steer away rom the depressive crash -

Hi Mark, You know I was going to give you specifics, but thought you wanted reading material. I am so sorry!

Negative thoughts can be replaced with positive thoughts. Anything you use, can help if done consistently. Unfortunately there is not magic cure. It is a process of continuing to do positive things for yourself.

Practicing affirmations is one of the best ways to counter off the negative thoughts leading to negative emotions. The process is this way. Think of the positive statement to counter off the negative thought. Ex: I am unlovable becomes, I am lovable.

You must be consistent with these. "I am lovable" is the only statement you use for three weeks. You practice these three times per day for three weeks. Stand in front of the mirror and out loud say this statement. You are trying to involve as many senses as possible. Affirm yourself upon awakening (to train your brain into being positive for the day), around lunch time ( to counter off any negative thought from the day) and just before bedtime ( to help in sink into subconscious during sleep). After you have three weeks of the same affirmation, you have retrained your brain and it will be true. Then you can follow up with another affirmation for the next three weeks. Many patients change their entire lives because their esteem is so good. The brain really can be trained. It was trained into negative thoughts and feelings for most of us, but can also rbe retrained. Hope this helps. Gina

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Hi Mark, I forgot to tell you that saying this statement outloud would be 10 times for each session in front of the mirror. Hope this helps. Gina