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My 24 year old son is studying psychology and has diagnosed

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My 24 year old son is studying psychology and has diagnosed himself with Schizoid Personality Disorder. I'm not sure he has this disorder. How do I know if he's right?


Psych Central has some excellent information.

People with personality disorders have patterns of behavioral symptoms. They must have significant impairment in some areas of their lives as well. If your son feels he has this disorder, he should contact a professional for an accurate diagnosis.

Schizoid Personality Disorder can be treated, as I'm sure you have read, usually with short term therapy to address individual crisis'.

People who study the mental health areas, such as myself, many times believe they have certan diagnosis. And some do. But others, as they progress through their career, are able to distinguish between assigning diagnosis to themselves from just going through a rough time.

I hope this helps. gina

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Are there specific tests a professional will do to confirm to diagnosis or will they just talk with him?

It seems that now he has diagnosed himself, he tries to act according to the symptoms. Will a professional be able to tell the difference?


There are no recognized tests for this personality disorder. Many psychiatrists will do a in depth evaluation in an individual session. Questions to be considered would be regarding symptoms he reports, but the psychiatrist will also look for signs (unreported, but may be observed, or may not be present, which would discount your son's theory). They will also explore his mental state. Most psychiatrists and professionals are very hesitant to assign a personality disorder diagnosis, unless the patterns are very consistent. And yes, most will be able to tell the difference. Schizoid personality disorder has unique emotional expressions that are very difficult to fake, and difficult for me to describe to you, but most professionals who see numerous patients are able to discern these when observed.

Hope this helps. Gina

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your excellent responses. One last question before I click on accept.

If my son does have this disorder, can he overcome it or will he simply have to cope with it the rest of his life?


And thank you for your nice compliment.

This type of personality disorder can be improved if he is diligent in treatment, and motivated to change. Unfortunately, some with these disorders, get mileage out of staying sick. By that I mean, he can avoid others, refuse family outings, no relationships, etc, and take a victim type stance, and receive negative attention. Or he can choose to make the best of this and receive treatment when he experiences crisis, relational issues, school/work problems, etc.

This will be determined by his motivation. I personally love to work with personality disorders due to the challenging aspect. But, they can be frustrating as well. Please assist him in seeking professional help and diagnosis, and they can offer him some options if needed. I wish you and your son well. Gina

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