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Gina P
Gina P, LCSW
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My son who is 18 years old says he hears voices and they are

Resolved Question:

My son who is 18 years old says he hears voices and they are saying mean things to him.. He has been often calling out to me asking me if I've said something or he is responding out loud to the voices. Yesterday, for the first time he went to our neighbor upstairs and accused her of talking to him through the ceiling. He has used marijuana and I think he is not sniffing household chemicals, i.e, bleach... Do I bring him into Mental Health? I'm not sure what to do..
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Gina P replied 7 years ago.


It would be very difficult to determine what is the actual cause of these symptoms online. However, the symptoms you describe can be attributed to psychosis with the auditory hallucinations and paranoia. He is at the appropriate age for an onset of this disorder.

But, some chemicals and drugs also can create these symptoms. If you take him in to mental health, they can prescribe medications to assist with the symptoms, regardless of the cause. If he is using some sort of chemical, I hope he will become rational enough with medications to understand the effects the chemicals are having on him, and be more willing to stop chemical use.

Hope this helps. Gina

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