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I am an unemployed construction worker without coverage. I

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Hello, I am an unemployed construction worker without coverage. I have been treated by my primary care Doctor for GAD for years. Once before my doctor has told me that He needs me to have a Phychatric Evaluation . Back then I was insured and saw a Phychiatrist, He told me he was going to take over my meds,Me being insured this was not a big problem to ok,This doctor only did meds and did add Seroquel 100mg to my Cymbalta 60 and Alprazolam 2mg x 3 a day.Which I have been takeing for years and feeling very good on.In the last sentence I didn't metion that the Phychiatrist also double my Cymbalta to 120mg daily.Anyway I went back to my primary care Doctor and 60mg Cymbalta , 2mg x3 Xanax and at bedtime 100mg Seroquel,which works very well, even over a long period of time this treatment works wonders for me and I am very happy with the regimate, also I am getting my Seroquel and Cymbalta cost free through there assit programs.
Now my PCP and I need a Phychiatric Evaluation Visit $? TYou

Hi gjf and thanks for using

I am not sure if I can help you but would like to try.

What state do you live in? Are you receiving unemployment benefits?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I live in California and do recieve unemployment benefits. I pay my PCP 72.00 for an office visit and have save enough to pay the same for a evaluation.How common is a standard Phychiatric Evaluation and what are the standard perameters of one?

Hi gjf, no you are paying too much for someone who is unemployed and there are two things you can do for this.

One, while you are on unemployement you can contact unemployment and request temporary insurance until you are again employed. You absolutely should not be paying such high co pays and unemployment insurance will remedy this.

I also think you should contact, NAMI, in california (you can look up the national website and plug in your location in California for local contact)

The last thing you need while unemployed is a finanical barrier to your mental health.

Please call your local unemployment office on Monday. This is a federal law and not a state of California issue, and also get in touch with NAMI as well

I am sending you the link.

You should not be paying co pays and you are entitled to mental health services for free or at sliding scale fees, not at a hardship to you.

I am sorry you were not told this and I think you need more compassionate care than that you are currently getting.

Contact NAMI at

You have all my best on this. I wish you relief soon.


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