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I stopped taking 20 mg Paxil 3 days ago after only 2 weeks

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I stopped taking 20 mg Paxil 3 days ago after only 2 weeks use. During the last week I was also taking a lot of dyphenhydramine (200 mg over 24 hours daily for several days). I stopped that 36 hours ago. 5 days ago I started having awful auditory hallucinations. After stopping all drugs this greatly diminshed after about 24 hours (i.e. this morning) but now it;s getting louder again. Otherwise I have no other symptoms. What the heck is going on. ( I stopped the Paxil cause I am a afraid of the problems, and I don't think I really need a pill for what ails me). I am feeling better and not taking anything or napping so much.

Can I ask why you were taking the dyphenhydramine?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Well I have been taking 50 mg for years mainly cause i guess psychologically dependent, I don't sleep well. I don't take any other relevant drugs. I have been going thru some very difficult circumstances lately and sleeping a lot so when I woke up I would take more.

I want to take action not pills, so I really don't want the Paxil. It was only 2 weeks. I just want to know if these can cause auditory chanting and singing, etc. It is now getting faint again, so I am hoping it will be gone soon.

Never had a problem with Diphen.. before. This event, I also had dilated pupils, but that is normal now. Face still a little flushed. I feel fine otherwise. I have been getting counseling, but I really don't want antidepressents. Is after 2 weeks ok to stop like this on the Paxil. It has been 72 hours, and I have no other issues. I am not about to start it again.


You shouldn't have any problem from stopping the Paxil after only 2 weeks on it, and I don't see anything in the literature that has auditory hallucinations as a side effect, nor have I heard any of my patients complain of that side effect from Paxil.

But let me make sure I have the timeline straight:
You were on 50mg of the antihistamine for many years
Two weeks ago, you began Paxil 20mg
For one week you upped that to 200mg/24 hours
2 days later (5 days ago) you started having auditory hallucinations.
3 days ago you stopped the Paxil
1.5 days ago you stopped the antihistamine.

It sounds to me like the problem was caused by the antihistamine. Hallucinations are a side effect of dyphenhydramine as are the dilated pupils and drowsiness.

You should continue to have the symptoms continue to lessen as you get further away from your last dose.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, 200 mg of Dyphen, not Paxil. That would be an incredible amount for Paxil. I have read some reports of auditory with Paxil. Otherwise correct.
Sorry...I didn't mean you upped the Paxil to 200mg, but upped the antihistamine to 200mg over 24 hours. I didn't make that clear.

Hallucinations and many of the same side effects are listed for Paxil as the Dyphen. Perhaps it was the combination of the two, but I've heard that effect from antihistamines more often. Either way, since it clearly was a side effect and not an organic psychotic process, they will lessen as the medicine clears your system.

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