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cathy, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MS., MS.Ed., 30 years clinical and administrative experience in psychiatry and mental health
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Can I go on permanent disability with a dignosis of major

Resolved Question:

Can I go on permanent disability with a dignosis of major depressive disorder, degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, and severe anxiety and depression?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  cathy replied 7 years ago.

Hi Customerand thanks for using

I do have clients who are on permanent disability for Depressive Disorders but all of them want to be well and get back to work. Depression is a disorder that can be successfully treated and most who suffer from any of the depressive disorders dont want to have it and do want to live fully.

I regret that I cannot speak to the medical disorders.

If you live in the US, the procedure when you apply for SSI or DSSI is that you go to the SSA and fill out an appllication with a listing of all providers. Include your mental health counselor on the list of providers. The SSA will send the counselor a list of questions to answer about your illness and level of functioning across many domains. Once that questionnaire is completed and returned to the SSA, they will assign you a visit with an independent psychiatrist who will do yet another evaluation. When the reports of all your providers are compiled as well as independent SSA assigned doctors your case willl be reviewed and a determination will be made. The average wait for an SSA determnation is about two years with three appeals per appllication.

I think your best route on this is medical disability and not mental health disability but that is just my impression from the post you made.

I am so sorry you are in such difficulty and you have all my very best on this.


Please press accept to accept this answer and if you have more questions do feel free to ask.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you - I was afraid that would be the answer. I've heard it's very difficult to go on perm. disabilty for depression. No medication seems to work.

Thanks again.

Expert:  cathy replied 7 years ago.

YesCustomerbut based on what you have described as to your medical problems a diagnosis of Depressive Disorder would be indicated. All you have to show is that you are in treatment with a counselor and working on it and the SSA will veiw your case much more favorably.

Dont be discouraged. It is a battle but if you persist you will prevail.

Good luck


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok, thanks again
Expert:  cathy replied 7 years ago.
good luck to you
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