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Dr. Ed Wilfong
Dr. Ed Wilfong, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Twenty-five years treating all ages; Specialities: psychopharmacology & diagnosis, MMPI-2, testing.
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Why is my husband stealing my belongings?

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Why is my husband stealing my belongings?
Could you explain your situation a little more?
At an earlier age, I would have a different explanation. I need to answer a couple questions?
How long has been going on?
what type of stuff does he generally take?
Did this happen abruptly?.
Did any emotional or physical trauma happen in close proximity.
Have you noticed any other disturbances in behavior or emotions.
Is he on any medications/were there any changes recently.

I apologize for such extensive questions. I strive to give well thought out and researched answers. Sometimes it means I need more extensive background. I can give you BS answers much quicker. I haven't slept, so may be tomorrow before I respond, but I will.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
To begin with it has been going on for 6 yrs & it did happen all of a sudden. To begin with his Mother warned me before we got married he would lie, cheat & steal to get what he wants. It started six yrs. ago my comb, an earring, butcher(which frightened me) my house keys, which I found a year later under a shoe box in my closet. His night vision binoculars (he asked me to get them out of the closet) they appeared 2 months later in another cabinet. I left home for three days contemplating a divorce he then had me committed to a psyciatric ward when I got home my birth certificate disappeared & my make-up, weeks later they reappeared, the reason I left one morning I was getting ready for workhe said he was going to the grocery store would be back to work on the house I left for work late in town he drove toward home with a woman about 250lbs. I got home that evening he denied it & he had been drinking(which he didn't do. In the winter it was a blizzare he wanted to go look at wood, he looked at his watch said we have to go now(I wanted to see what he was up to) we drove out he pulled into a gas station to get a paper(no one else there) it had been about 3 min. a car pulled up next to me this creep got out went in was a couple of minutes he went by the window starred at me then came out put his face in the windshield after he left my husband came out I mentioned it he said he seemed to be a nice guy & said hello,he was in there for at least 10 minutes(to get a paper? After that I went to see a lawyer, she told me NOT to tell my children anything. We were talking in the living rm. nothing imortant he screamed at me "You GDFBitch & threw hot coffee in my face. We had a realtor come over the brother helped me hang pictures when they left my glasses were missing from my tee shirt, two weeks later they reappeared under a chair, I was cleaning the bathroom pulled out his drawer & a key was hidden under it. A few months later I went into the bathroom to get laundry, he never noticed me he was so spaced out & I found plastic wrap on the floor with white powdwe(bitter tasting) friends said it was cocaine, a year previous my daughter & male friend were over I was in the kitchen cooking she yelled from the living room"what are you doing" I told her cooking my husband & her friend came in from backyard & he was high as a kite(told the kids if he ever caught them with drgs that would be it) don't think he ever took them before. Oh I was in the garage one day & heard a cell phoe ring once, another day we were going to the store heard it ring again only once, one afternoon watching tv heard it ring once said whats that he tapped his fingers on the table & said is that what you heard,this happened 3 other times I just ignored it. He then got cancer 2 yrs. ago (larynx) the only medication he has been on is thyroid & blood thinner, I had peace for 1 1?2 yrs. then this past June he came home from Housto he was home not 30 minutes & the tv gide disappeared, a couple of days later my slippears were in the bathroom they appeared in the kitchen (we were the only ones home). About a month I went to put in a CD opened the jacket no CD looked everywhere, then last week went into the kitchen & my wine refrigerator light was onaccused him he said "NO" he didn't do it, 5 days later went to get a bottle of wine-gone. One thing back to when I caught him with tha tB---h the next day I was getting ready for work he was pacing the floor asked aren't you leaving I told him it was too early suspicious I came home from work at lunch he was not here, when I got home he yelled at me "where the hell were you, you were supposed to be home an hour ago". I forget so much has happened, a friend was over he came home,different direction than work came in his face was swollen,bad botox I was told, his hair colore & a facial scrub my friend said. Three years ago, my daughter was here with the kids, she asked for me to get ready & she would sweep the floor, when I cme back there was a pile of dirt from the shop vac(I compare it later) she looked at me & asked "are you OK) I just don't get it, sorry for skipping around too much has happened.
Sorry so long. My internet was down. My apologies.
This is quite a story. I have no clue why he is this way. I can promise it won't change. This is his character. My first reaction was a stroke, but it seems like this behavior is a bit crazier than you would expect from a stroke.
In a sense, the cause is not the issue.
The real issue is do you want to spend the rest of your life living like this. You must make decisions knowing he will not change.
This is a very controlling and creul behavior. I hear it a lot. As I said, you have to decide what to do. It almost sounds like he is trying to make you crazy. If someone treated me like that, I would be damned close to it.
Go talk to your lawyer again and find a way to spend your life with some normalacy and stability.
Good luck,
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