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Kelley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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Im a 19 year old uni student. I thought I'd try and find

Resolved Question:

Hi my names Duncan and im a 19 year old uni student. I thought I'd try and find some help because ive noticed theres somethng wrong with me recently. I get really depressed sometimes and have caught myself thinking about suicide quite a lot recently. I dont know whats wrong with me but i seem to have started having a really weird effect on people. Its really bizarre but whtever i think seems to be transferred into the minds of the people around me. I dont know what to do anymore its so horrible to feel that i have a negative effect on people that i try not to meet peoples eye in the street and i cant make eye contact with anyone anymore because something weird happens. They'll stop talking or stutter and ill look away to try and ignore it but i know im not imagining it anymore. People in the street sometimes stop and look back at me with hatred when i deliberately dont look at them a if id done something but i do nothing! I really think im telepathic which i know sounds mad. Plz help!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Kelley replied 7 years ago.


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I would first suggest you see the university doctor to make sure that nothing medically is going on with you. If you are medically cleared I would suggest making an appointment with the mental health clinic at the universtiy for a full evaluation. They can get you started on some medications if necessary and help you with some therapy. There is help out there! I hope this gets you started on the right track. Please let me know if I can assist anymore.

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