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I would like an opinion on my condition. I have suffered

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I would like an opinion on my condition.
I have suffered depressive episodes since i was a teenager, which at times have been severe and seem to have worsened significantly. I am now 37 and find that there are gaps in the episodes but this can be variable, it can be over a period of weeks or on a daily basis. I have managed to alienate myself from alot of people and have had increased feelings of extreme aggression. My doctor and psychiatrist have tried me on numerous different anti deppressants from the various groups available, and alternated strengths at times. I still feel i am no further on, basically none of them have worked and i feel hopeless.
Hi there maybe I can help. Did you take your medication regularly? Have you tried a mood stabalizer? Have you been to counseling? Who diagnosed you and with what?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i did take my medication regularly and have had some counselling sessions. I have not been offered a mood stabilizer. The psychiatrist Dr Sundeep diagnosed me with a dependant personality disorder, but would only see me for a few minutes at a time. I didnt find him helpful, as i have no on-going issues from the past that are affecting my daily life.
it seems that the up and down with your mood and the irritability, which can look like anger, is the main problem. I am assuming there are no other stressors in your life. Dependent personality disorder would not cause depression. My experience with patient who have depression and antidepressants don't work generally means that it is not just depression. I refer my patients to their prescribing doctor to try a mood stabalizer to see if it is bipolar disorder. Most doctors are usually willing to try this at the advice of a therapist. You may have bipolar disorder and it just looks like depression because that is what causes you the most problems. If I were you, I would get an assessment from a counselor to get a complete background history, list of symptoms, interventions already tried, etc... and see if your diagnosis if correct. If you do not have the correct diagnosis then you are not getting the treatment you need. In addition, your counselor can help you find a psychiatrist who will work closely with you to find the right medication. This is what I would do. I hope this helps. If you need anything else please let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It has been suggested to me by family members that i may possibly have bipolar disorder. i have mentioned this to my GP and psychiatrist, but they have decided that i dont fit the criteria, as i dont have excessive high periods. I wondered what your view is on this?
Bipolar is very difficult to diagnose and unfortunately it takes time and a good diagnostic assessment to unravel the symptoms. Usually, a person comes to therapy because of the depressive aspect and not the mania. There are also different levels of bipolar where the mania may be barely noticeable. It is a misconception that bipolar means having the real highs and the real lows. I think going to a counselor to do an accurate assessment is your best course of action. Have your counselor coordinate services with your psychiatrist and see if you can't get the right medication. I hope this helps.
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