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Our 6 year old boy has started to lash out phsycally or

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Our 6 year old boy has started to lash out phsycally or break things when things don't go right or when teased or embarressed at school also his concentration levels are very very low although he is above average accademically. He seems frustrated but we can't find out why. He knows he is doing wrong and is normally appologetic but just can't control himself.


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It sound like he may be suffering from ADHD. Which can cause the low concentration levels and lack of self-control. I would suggest that you get him to see a child therapist who can do a full evaluation and begin to work with him and you on how to best manage his behavior. If necessary they can also refer him to a child psychiatrist for medication management if his behavior is unable to be controlled by therapy alone. Please let me know if I can assist anymore!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am not sure about that as he is not hyperactive and when he is in the mood can concentrate he just has these lapses, he seems to get bored but he can sit and play by himself for up to an hour and when he is one on one he generally plays really well, could it be that when he is in a group he feels he has to do something more drastic to get attention? if so what other measures can we impliment?
I would set up very firm boundaries with him and follow the same rules at home and at school. This can be done by setting up a meeting with the teacher and making sure that everything is consistent for him. Let him know that if he hits or breaks things then he will not be able to do (such and such) when he arrives home. Also give him an immediate time out when he gets agressive and and make it as boring as possible. Don't give him any of the extra attention he is craving when he acts out because he seem to be finding even negative attention rewarding. Also when he is doing what he is supposed to and acting correctly you will want to increase his attention during those times.
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