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I'm a man suffering from erectile dysfunction. I feel my

Resolved Question:

I'm a man suffering from erectile dysfunction. I feel my problem is entirely mental because I don't have a problem getting erect on my own or looking at something stimulating. I have a confidence issue with my girlfriend because when we started having sex I wasn't sure if she was pleased. Since then I have times when I will not get erect, or I will get erect and even start having sex but not maintain it. I have even tried this product called Vicerex which helps sometimes but I have to be really relaxed that night. First thing in the morning it's great because I have an erection that doesn't go away but she is tired of the early morning encounters. I want to know what type of therapy should I look for, please?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.
Hey Champ,

I would continue with the couples therapy, as a wise mentor once told me "Everything in a relationship shows up in the bedroom." You want to make sure that this doesn't become a barrier to intimacy, and a couples counselor can show you how to work that through. Unless your couples therapist is uncomfortable dealing with a sexual issue, which would be extremely rare since sexuality is a large issue that couples come to therapy about, you can stay with them or any licensed marriage & family counselor. All have training in sexual intimacy issues.

I would also recommend one of the prescription medications along the line of Viagra. At 43, your vasculature may be presenting more of a problem than you think. Eliminating masturbation will also help you focus your desires with more gusto. If that's all it takes to provide you with the evening enjoyment for both of you, why not? You can balance that out with morning times.

But above all else, keep with the therapist since you know you've got performance anxiety with your girlfriend - that is something counseling can fix pretty rapidly.

Thanks for the chance to answer your question today.

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