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Dr. Ed Wilfong
Dr. Ed Wilfong, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1528
Experience:  Twenty-five years treating all ages; Specialities: psychopharmacology & diagnosis, MMPI-2, testing.
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I have numerous social phobias, health care phobias, anxiety

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I have numerous social phobias, health care phobias, anxiety with panic attacks, recurring bouts of depression and PTSD. Once anxiety has been triggered about my owrk related issues, it feels like I can physically feel the left and right brain arguing with itself, disconnecting and then I am not able to come to a satisfied conclusion. Is is possible that I can feel the disconnect or mis-firing of the neurons?
How long has this been going on?
Have you told your doctor?
Any medications?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

has been going on probably much longer than I have been aware of it. Awareness of something happening maybe 8 years, more finely pinpointing it, maybe 3 years and feeling sure of what I'm experiencing 1-2 years.

have told several doctors and they say it is impossible to 'feel' things like that happening in the brain. when I hear scientific explanations of how neurons and transmitters and receivers work in the brain, it makes sense to me that I am physically feeling the mis-fires and I can't make my brain work. and that the left and right sides cannot agree.

No medications!! I have had several bad experiences with different types of medications. I am very sensitive to sedating drugs. Very difficult to wake up from anesthesia after C-sections and carpal tunnel surgery. Dentist even has to be cautious what I use. I do have sleep apnea, also.

There are of very effective medication and even herbs that can help. Let me know if interested.
Meanwhile, some organizations have anxiety/panic classes that are very effective in teaching you how to manage anxiety better.
The internal fighting feelings may literally be you having internal conflict about what to do. Likely there is some anger involved. For some people that (or other feelings) are unsettling and they develop anxiety, basically shutting themselves down.
Meditation and relaxation tapes are an open.
Cognitive behavioral therapy could help.
If you are in California or WA, let me know where you can get a class.
You may be able to download tapes.
Dr. Ed Wilfong and 3 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What herbs would you recommend?
I hate to recommend herbs as the quality control is poor. Effectiveness is also questionable. With that in mind, I most often hear St. Johns' Wort and Valarian root.