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Dr. Rossi
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I wasn't in the past, but now I am terrified of my husband's

Resolved Question:

I wasn't in the past, but now I am terrified of my husband's driving. Not all the time..but, most of the time. Why would I develop this fear after so many years of not having this fear?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 7 years ago.

Good Afternoon,

There are many speculations as to why this fear is resurfacing now. One may be as a result of some event that you have been exposed to whether by the media or an event you had heard of and kept in your subconsciousness that is now coming to light. Another possibility is coming to the realization of one's own mortality.

It is also possible to be experiencing general anxiety which you may be noticing more in yourself while he is driving and trying to associate it with the driving instead of attribute it to something else.

What may be helpful is to journal down some emotions and thoughts that come to mind when you experience this feeling. Try to notice if there are other times in the day when you feel the same (anxiety has many physiological responses such as changes in breathing, heart rate, perspiration, dilation of pupils etc) If you notice these, deep abdominal breathing can help. Other options are medications or herbal supplements if you feel that it is more of a panic attack you have that is too much to handle. If it is not at all times as you've explained, then try to see if the feelings decrease with time or get worse.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It is most of the time and seems to be getting worse. I do know that I do not experience this at any other time. I've had anxiety attacks and this is something different. It is really creating a problem. And, now I am becoming uncomfortable with my own driving.
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 7 years ago.
If it is causing so much distress as to where it is affecting your own driving, perhaps you may want to consult with a cognitive behavioral therapist for one on one therapy (as it seems that this is still situational anxiety in regard to driving) If you are suffering from anxiety at other times, medication could be quite effective to manage the physiological symptoms. At times anxiety can be triggered by our internal dialog (what we tell ourselves and what we believe) If you are anticipating something unfortunate to occur whether you believe it or if it is subconscious, you will experience the anxiety as a result of it physiologically. Paying attention to ones internal dialog will be important as the anxiety in itself does not cause an event to take place but yet it is making you feel uncomfortable.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I forgot to mention that I do not experience this "fear" when riding with others. Does that make a difference in anything you are suggesting...such as it being situational? Also, I don't think I can journal during the drive, because I'm too terrified to look down. But, I have wondered about going into the back seat. Maybe, even as crazy as this sounds, blind folding myself!

Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 7 years ago.
That can make a difference. The journaling won't be while driving but rather when you have the time. No need to be blindfolding yourself even in the back seat. Just take a note of what feelings and troughs are arising.
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