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I am platonically attracted to my phychiatrist. I have seen

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I am platonically attracted to my phychiatrist. I have seen her for almost 3 years, 2 as just med admin. but the last year has been more contact due to a break down I had. I adore her for her insight but find that I want to know more about her. what is wrong with me?

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There is nothing wrong with you. What you are feeling is transferance. You have been so open and honest and have relied on your psychiatrist to help you through your darkest and most personal times. She is always there for your and you do not have to be supportive of her in return of her support like you would a best friend. It is a one way relationship. You may see in her what you want to see in yourself. I would discuss your feelings with her so that she can help you work through them. As long as she is being ethical and professional in her dealings with you then the feelings you have can prove to be used in a very theraputic way.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks... but there is one other thing I forgot to mention. This Dr. was out for a bit on Medical leave but I found out through the net that she had apparently done something unethical and was in a situation where she may have lost her license. She doesn't know I know this but it helped me not be so intimidated by her. I know she is being supervised and has been thru some program for Psychaitrists. Again, this has made me be more relaxed and trusting of her in the fact that she is human. I know she cares and has helped me and I guess even though I pay for her to care.... I still feel like she is a friend... this is tough as I don't want to ruin the patient Dr relationship by bringing up as you suggested....
If she is a good doctor it will not ruin the relationship but I understand how that could be akward. I would then suggest that you work with another therapist to help you work through this. It shouldn't take to many sessions and may be beneficial to you to figure out why you feel this way.
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