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Kelley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Category: Mental Health
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I've had an unbelievably traumatic 5yrs; Brother had double

Resolved Question:

I've had an unbelievably traumatic 5yrs; Brother had double transplant-both parents died within 3days of each other-broke up with alcoholic partner-got involved with a woman I thought was the "real deal" (one year after my parents deaths)-I loaned her money for debt-paid for the "lifestyle" out of my inheritance, in a very isolated rural area-lost my job-the recession hit-I couldn't get a job-got low-she was unsupportive and distanced herself-she started having an "involvement" with her boss-she insisted this wasn't an affair-she kept me hanging on in the hope that we would reconnect-I finally gave up my part ot the tenancy because I could bo longer afford it-I lent her money for her a new tenency so she would be safe-she got together with her boss who left his wife and kids and moved straight into the place I had paid for-they moved house and I got no money back-staying in a friends spare room-my money is running out-am still without work-without hope-friends not very supportive-help?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Kelley replied 7 years ago.
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You have been going through an aweful lot! I would sugget that you see a therapist who can work with you on CBT therapy. I would also suggest you see a psychiatrist and try and anti-depressant at least for now while you work through alot of these issues and get back up on your feet. Many local hospice centers also offer brevement groups for free and that should be helpful to help you deal with the loss of your parents.
Hang in there, things will get better. Please let me know if I can assist anymore.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Without being disrespectful I thought my question was being handled by a Dr?
I am in the UK and the system here is really slow, I am loathed to take anti-depressents, I have many drug sensitivities that only become apparent once I've taken them. I am myself very experienced with peoples mental health issues and find much of the provision available lacking. I have had berevement counselling was of limited use.
I do however think I may persue the CBT option. Thank you.
Expert:  Kelley replied 7 years ago.
JustAnswer allows licensed mental health professionals to answer questions and that includes licensed social workers, psychologist, and psychiatrist. If you want to ask a question in the future and you want a doctor put in your question title for psychiatrist only, and it will then be answered by a psychiatrist. I am glad that you are willing to work on the CBT therapy, it should be a good therapy for what you are going through. Best wishes, please let me know if I can assist anymore!
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