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I have had a life in and out of care. i have had many things

Resolved Question:

i have had a life in and out of care.
i have had many things to deal with in my life.
although i havent coped very well and have done stupid things in the past, the most recent thing in my life i cant cope with is having an abortion. it happened 9 months ago so my baby would have been here by now. it was my ex that persuaded me to have the abortion otherwise he would leave me. a few months ago he left anyway. now i have lost everything. my family found out about the abortion a few weeks ago and are not talking to me. sometimes i think the abortion was the right descision as towards the end of my relationship with my ex he started hitting me and would say horrible things. the worst one being that i killed our baby. i just cant forgive or forget that comment. i know what he said is true but he has also said i other things that have made me wonder if i will ever find anyone else. i have been on anti depressants for 4months but with no change. please help
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 8 years ago.

Good Evening,

Life changes and our decisions always affect us. Just think that even not doing anything is still doing something.

There had been circumstances and reasons that had led to your decision and you had followed what had been logical and true to your heart.

No child would have wanted to grow either without a father or worse and abusive one.

It is unfortunate that your family is acting towards you in a cold manner but that at least shows you their true nature. When family members are cold and rejecting it hurts the most, yet, it shows that they are not able to be loving and supportive 100% in a non judgmental way.

You in a way had actually saved a child that could have come into such a family and to such a father. In the long way you had also saved yourself from the other guilt that would have come up later when you may have felt unable to protect the child from emotional or physical abuse and the hardships and disappointments of life.

You have mentioned that you are taking medication and having counseling. That would help in time. You are still dealing with your own unresolved feelings about this.

As far as you finding anyone else, as long as you are looking and open to a positive change, you will. It would not be healthy to stay in an abusive relationship or find someone else with similar characteristics.

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