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Kelley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  BSW, MSW, LCSW
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Im 25 have suffered depression since my teens and in

Customer Question

Im 25 have suffered depression since my teens and in retrospect as long as I can remember. I attempted suicide several times in my teens. I have not been on medication for 6-7 years or seen a psychiatrist for longer. In have learned to cope with depression however in the last 18 months it has changed, it comes regually at 3 month intervals and while shorter in duration is muc more intense. I think i may have mild bipolar. I went to a dr six months ago who prescribed anti depressents that made me worse, i was wired but suicidal at teh same time i also visited a counsellor who did not ake me seriously along with my GP today. I dont know what normal is anymore so how do I know if im hypomanic?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Kelley replied 7 years ago.


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I would suggest you find a good psychiatrist since you have not seen one in years. They are experts in mental health where your GP is not and sounds like they may have prescribed you the wrong medications. There are numerous medications on the market and with the help of your psychiatirst you should be able to find one that works for you. Once you get set up with a good psychiatrist see if they can recommend a good therapist. They often times have one they work well with in their office and can assist in your treamtent together as a team which is beneficial to you.

Even though you feel there is nothing to talk about much of what your dealing with needs to be talked through and for you to learn how to handel what is going on especially if you want to get pregnant. It never hurts to have a professional help you through what is going on right now at least until you feel that your moods are stable and you are feeling better.

I hope this helps get you started on the right track. Please let me know if I can assist with anything else!