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A female child is raped by her father. She tells her mother

Resolved Question:

A female child is raped by her father. She tells her mother that her father rapped her and her mother does nothing but tells the female child that her father raped her on their first date. The female child, who was raped by her father, has now grown into a very angry adult who still has a relationship with her parents and has never confronted her parents in her adult life with the rape. As an adult, she has a six year old female daughter. Is this female daughter in jeopardy of being put in a position, of being raped, even if its by way of denial or negligence?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Gina P replied 7 years ago.


In a family with this sort of dynamics and secretive nature, there is always a possibility of cycles of continued abuse. However, the child's mother could benefit greatly from counseling to address this victimization and denial, and learn to act as a survivor. One who is no longer willing to perpetuate this type of abuse or protect the perpetrator by keeping it a secret, also passes this more positive legacy to her children. It would benefit the child to see her mother empowered and honest with herself, to the point that the child feels empowered to care for herself appropriately as well.

There is not really a need to directly confront the perpetrator, this can be done in vitro with a counselor, who will provide more therapeutic feedback than the actual perpetrator. Many times if the actual perpetrator is confronted, the confronter becomes revictimized because the perpetrator is simply not willing to take responsibility for his/her actions, or would have already done so. Confrontation with a therapeutic person will help the victim move into more realistic and survivor roles, and learn to stand up for herself as well. It also allows for a full expression of feelings without fear of her emotions being repudiated or belittled.

The anger and resentment, although justified, is covering up many other feelings and is preventing one from having a full, happy and healthy life. It should be dealt with as soon as possible. It gives the perpetrator continued control over the victim. Hasn't he taken enough of you time, energy, life already?

I hope this helps. Please let me know what other questions you have. Gina

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