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I was advised by a psychiatrist in an evaluation that I may

Resolved Question:

I was advised by a psychiatrist in an evaluation that I may have PTSD (early mother loss, abusive step mother; a lot of experiences that certainly were life altering). He recommended a book on incest. I had two uncles who were 'inappropriate' - one kissing and fondling, the other drunk on occasion but I was able to stop his intention of rape. I'm not clear what "catagory" these experiences would fall under, and thus how to do some helpful reading. The book he recommeded seems more to be to be for women who experiences more severe, ongoing abuse. I feel mine doesn't fall into that catagory since neither uncle was able to truly rape me.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Gina P replied 8 years ago.
I am glad you are not having difficulty with this particular issue. Many people who have such type of experiences do have problems through their lives, and this is probably why your counselor feels this is an issues.
In all therapy work the treatment should be based on how such incidents effect you. Most therapists are trained to
'begin where the patient is.' This pretty much means that this may come out to be an issue after you do some other work on other issues. For now, I would suggest you talk with your counsleor about working on a different set of probelms that you have identified.
PTSD also has degrees on a continuum. What may influence one person one way may have no bearing on you. What family of origin issues you describe with the loss of your mother and abuse from a stepmother are more than enough to trigger some PTSD symptoms. Most of us have certain expectations of gender roles, and females are expected to be more caring and nurturing. Since you have had a profound difference with the females from your part this may be something you want to address first. And then see what comes up at a later time, or not at all.
John Bradshaw "On the Family" has some good information in it about family abuse from parents. It does not necessarily address sexual abuse, but is written in layman's terms and does discuss the outcome of growing up in an abusive home. It may be more suitable at this time. Hope this helps. Gina
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