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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MD Psychiatry
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Tried chlomipramine for comp. hoard. suffered huge side

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tried chlomipramine for comp. hoard. suffered huge side effects. Also previously on paroxotine again side effects. is there any up to the minute clinical trials with any other medication? Am in PerthWA can't locate anyone specialising in CH nor any support groups.?any suggestions.
Hi there ,

Welcome to Just answer !

Can you please specify the diagnosis which you are suffering from and what current medications you are placed on ? What exactly you are looking for here -- is it the better control of your symptoms that you want ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Cognitive impaired hoarding & severe anxiety Been on Cymbalta 60mg 3x/day, not having any effect on hoarding.had been given "golden drug " clomipramine 25mg increasing gradually to 6/day for compulsive hoarding but suffered from every side effect severely. So had to stop.Previously given seroquel to help calm emotions but had very severe headaches. No specialist here in Perth with interest or current research on Compulsive hoarding.have read psychology of hoarding and buried treasures but I believe it is a brain deficiency? rather than behavioural.yes I have huge difficulty letting go of anything.have tried CBT. but from what I have read it needs medication too. Thanks

Ok so it is OCD hoarding and cognitively impaired hoarding along with anxiety that you are suffering from ?

And when did your hoarding start ( age of onset ) ?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
From 10 yrs of age, also difficulty sleeping, my mind is always busy. Take immovane 2/7.5mg to sleep and temazepam during day varies from 2 to 6 10mg tablets to help with becoming overwhelmed with the excessive clutter. Only recognised it as CH 4 yrs ago after reading Psych of hoarding.Currently working thru bksby Steketee & Frost CH & Aquiring
I am a perfectionist and procrastinator. 5yrs ago was a shopaholic then into debt.Thanks

Have you tried fluoxetine or sertraline till now , and what about any other anti psychotic other than seroquel , you see we need to place you on drugs which will improve your OCD hoarding and anxiety , unfortunately cymbalta alone cannot do it aong with temazepam , so kindly that i can devsie a plan of treatment for your ocd hoarding anxiety , which you can discuss with your doctor and get started on it , you do have typical features of OCD Hoarding , which has been very difficult to treat till date , and use of anti depressants , and CBT have been used for it so far , but i will try to formulate a regime , which you can discuss with your psychiatrist or doctor and try it , and hopefully it will help you .


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Appreciate the time you are taking to help.What other names is fluoxetine known by? Not had any other anti psychotic drugs. My doctor doesn't know enough about OCH. My Psychologist worked with me on CBT on its own. Now my psychiatrist( whom my psychologist thought was the most knowledgable on hoarding) is actually a hoarder himself and it is not a problem to him. my boys and I are struggling to move around through our home because of my excessive quantities of everything and rooms cannot be utilised for their intended purpose. I had a professional organiser to help over a year but my problem is not reducing the quantity in the house. My mother & father are both perfectionists and hoarders and my Dad and Uncle and maternal grandad alcoholics. I gradually became an alcoholic from 14yrs on and took mum's valium to sleep ,then was addicted to serepax + alcohol for years. Have not had any alcohol in past6yrs thanks to 18 months on naltrexone.My nephew 12yrs old has just been diagnosed with OCD and put on Zoloft hence my trying to research my hoarding and find something that will work for me. Would be grateful for any regime I can try. thanks

Well you see in OCH , that you suffer from the person has two problems -- a) collection and b) unable to discard objects ..

So, below i am mentioning a treatment regime , that you shall discuss with your psychiatrist , i am not too much in favour of continung you on cymbalta ( duoxetine ) for your OCH , so you shall ask your doctor to bring you off it but by slowly tapering it , and not withdrawing it abruptly as it may lead to wihdrawl symptoms .

So, here is the regime that you should discuss with your psychatrist and get started on .

1) Switch over to either Prozac ( fluoxetine ) or Zoloft ( sertraline ) from cymbalta , any one of these ANTI DEPRESSANT is any time better than cymbalta for your OCH.

2) Ask your psychiatrist to add Risperdal ( risperidone ) at a low dose only at night , to the anti depressant chosen out of zoloft or prozac .Risperdal is an anti psychotic and its addition to any of these above mentioned anti depressant will most probably do the trick for your obsessional compulsive Hoarding.

3) Continue on Temazepam and immovane in the present doses , these will surely assist the above 2 mentioned drugs .

4) Continue on CBT , but ask your psychologist to teach you Response prevention technique , if he/ she is not well versed in it , then seek help from another psychologist , but response prevention therapy ( included in CBT ) does help in OCH .

5) Meditate and use meditation to achieve tranquility and self control.

So, i suggest that you discuss this regime with your psychiatrist , he may scrutinize it , if he pleases and then you shall get started on this regime , and i hopeful that this will work for you.

I hope this helps...

I wish you all the best..

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