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My husband I have adopted twin girls who are currently 3

Resolved Question:

My husband I have adopted twin girls who are currently 3 almost 4 years old. Bio mom is diagnosed with personality disorder and bipolar disorder. Is there a hereditary component to these and what signs might we see. Out girls have speech disorders and behaviors. I think the behaviors are due to frustration but don't want to miss something that could help them.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Ralph LMHC replied 8 years ago.
With personality disorder, most accepted theories believe it is to a large degree learned, but that there is a degree of heredity involved. As to personality disorders there are several types that fall into two major clusters. Cluster A are weird or eccentric like schizotypal, avoidant, etc. Cluster B is composed of boderline, and anti-social etc. When it comes to bipolar disorder, it is definitely a genetic disorder as 40-70 percent degree of presense in fraternal twins and 5-15 percent in first degree relatives. It is more common in girls than boys and signs are often seen in adolsence or early adulthood. The best you can do is to practise good parenting skills, reducing the amont of stressors within the confines of reality as growing up has its stressors, but you can attempt to avoid the needless ones, realizing that your control over the environment is limited. You can avoid the expression of hostile depricating statement etc. If you see something like the speech disorder (I am not sure what you mean by behaviors) or any other behaviors that are untoward, by all means have them evaluated. Best wishes and good luck remembering thaqt alsio thougentic, the children are not predestined to become afflicted with bipolar disorder and certainly not with perswonality disorders.

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Ralph LMHC
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