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Nancy, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 746
Experience:  ABD for a PhD in Psychology, Psychotherapist for over 20 years
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Hi, I just made an appointment for the psychiatrist. What Im

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Hi, I just made an appointment for the psychiatrist. What Im worried about is if I made the right choice.
Here is my problem:
I have a severe deppression that last at least two years and I never seek for help. I thought I overcome all my problems and everything was under control. Even though I was felling a lot better and I start socializing again, I start having other problems like problems concentrating, I take everything too personal and I became very emotional, memory loss, lot of stress, aniexety, I tend to isolate myself to prevent feeling depress (in other words I create my own methods to prevent depression) and create a lot of dependency of people (my partner and sometimes friends).

Now my depression came back because all the problems I created by not seeking for help.
What I dont know is if a psychiatrist could really help me. I would like to know where should I go? Psychologist, phychiatrist.. individual, group... What Exactly they do to help me beside medication?

What will happen, is that you will speak with the psychiatrist about your symptoms. Tell him everything you've said here.

Your symptoms tell the Dr. what is going on with your brain, and he will prescribe medication based on your symptoms.

His job is only to prescribe medication.

If you want counseling, then you would want to see a Psychologist. Psychologists treat mental illnesses with talk-therapy. You'd go once a week to talk about what is going on with you and how you are doing.

Based upon what you are telling me your symtoms are, you are doing exactly the right thing.

Nancy and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

So my first step should be to visit a psychatrist and then go to counseling right?

Yes, absolutely! The medication that the psychiatrist will give you will help make you feel better :-)

You are doing the right thing!

Hang in there... you'll feel better soon :-)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I hope. This is causing me problems at work, with my relationship, with school.. everything... Thank you nancy...
Oh, you are welcome. I know you are having a hard time right now, but you are doing the right things. Medication and counseling will work to make you feel so much better.

If you can, and you want to see the Psychologist first - you can do that too. The order of who you see is less important than the kind of doctor (Psychiatrist and Psychologist). You're definitely on the right track to feeling better.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Nancy... my psychologist cancelled the appointment so I decided to wait until 21 which is my appointment with the psychiatrist. Because my problem is affecting me in class, job etc, I told my doctor if there is a way he can medicate something until my appointment because I didnt think I could wait that long ( im having random breakdowns, aniexety attacks and a lot more). They gave me flouxetine 20mg. I dont know if its good for me to take the med without seeing the psychiatrist because I think it could affect my behavior. what you recommend?
<p>Yes, that's perfectly fine ot take. It will help you to feel better within a few days!</p><p> </p><p>Nancy</p>
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok. Thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate it...
You are very welcome!

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Nancy :-)

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