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Kelley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Category: Mental Health
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I have Trypanophobia And it is only with medical needles I

Resolved Question:

I have Trypanophobia And it is only with medical needles I have a tattoo and everything but any thing to do with needles and my person totally wig me out. I mean I am scared to death I mean typeing about it makes my chest tight and my issue is trying trying to explaine to my new doctors that I have Trypanophobia. They look at me like I am nuts but they say I have some kinda gland problem and I feel like crap but I honestly cant let them do it. I cant breath of think or act all I want to do is run if I see some one next to me at the hospital it freeks me out to the point whare I am freeking out and rocking back and forth odly enogh tv does not bother me evn medical shows. And the hospital whare I have to go now because I have indigent care because I lost my job says they dont know what to do because I take 100mg of Anatriptaline and 1-2 mg of xanax a day for anxity and Borderline personality disorder and anxity and they say to trank me would would not be easy or cost efficent.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Kelley replied 8 years ago.

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I am sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. The hospital may not want to treat you but they can not deny you, so you will receive treatment.

The best treatment for Trpanophobia is desensiztation. This would mean that you would be very gradually exposed to more frightening stimuli so that it will help you become desensizised to the trigger which causes this fear. I would sugget doing this with a congnative therapist along with therapy. Hypnosis also works in many cases.

Please read the treatment section of this article becasue it also suggest some alternative treatments

I hope this helps!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
lt;strong>the only issue the time it would take and the fact that my pcos would get worse while they were trying to fix me. Honestly I do not belive therapy will work. I have been in therapy since i was 5-6. But thanks for your help do you have any I dea what the name of the little red capsil he gave me it was only 1 time and he told me but i dont remember, it has been so long. Also I know this is not my inital question but my new shrink sent me home a borderline personalty test thing and I have a question that says are you afraid that people you love the most will leave you for any reason. And I think it is ye but i donno the only things I really love cannot go unless they die my Gandma is old and cant drive so she only goes out with my aunt or me so she always comes back but I worry something will happen while she is gone and I have my cats but they are in a guilded cage so to speek and cant leave me. thanks for the Yor N on the paper from mhy new shrink if U can help </strong>
Expert:  Kelley replied 8 years ago.
I have no clue what it may have been, probably some sort of sedative or anti-anxiety medication. It would have had a much greater effect on you as a child as it does on you as an adult. They could give you something to relax you but it may not work as well as an adult and they sure wouldn't want you to get combative. The laughing gas may work for you because it will make you relaxed and then they could get it completed fast. Can you aunt go with you to help if you need to have blood drawn?

Hypnosis might work for you and should not take that much time.

As with the test do you feel that friends or those you started to get close to besides family just left and stopped being your friend? Did you have a hard time making and keeping friends? I think that is what the question is looking for. I would answer it thinking in that regards.

Let me know if I can help anymore!
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